Great St. Joseph

Great St. Joseph, son of David, Spouse of Mary undefiled; Guardian of the Holy Family, Father of the Holy Child. God presented thee with blessings, Glorified thy life obscure; Made thee guardian of all virgins, Consolation of the poor. Ornament ...


Hail, Holy Joseph

Hail, holy Joseph, Hail, Chaste Spouse of Mary, Hail! Pure as the lily flower In Eden’s peaceful vale. Hail, holy Joseph, hail, Prince of the house of God. May His best graces be By thy sweet hands bestowed. Hail, holy ...


Look Down to Us, Saint Joseph

Look down to us, Saint Joseph, Protector of Our Lord, Who followed you through deserts, And gave you blessed reward; Our foes are yet about us, Be strength now at our side, Be light against the darkness. Saint Joseph, be ...


O Joseph, Mighty Patron

O Joseph, mighty patron, Your love and strength bestow Upon a pilgrim people Who are the Church below. You were the Father’s image, Great prince of David’s line; Obtain for us God’s blessing That we may be his sign. Great ...


Sing of Mary, Sing of Joseph

Sing of Mary, pure and lowly, Virgin Mother undefiled. Sing of God’s own Son most holy Who became her little child. Fairest Child of fairest mother, God the Lord who came to earth, Word made flesh, our very brother, Takes ...


Saint Joseph Was a Just Man

Saint Joseph was a just man, A man of upright life; Our Lord’s kind foster father Took Mary as his wife. He knew the pain of exile In far Egyptian land. Obedient, kind and faithful He followed God’s command. As ...