Decalogus 2018 : A meeting with Jesus

Assam, INDIA: A preparatory classes on first holy Communion and confirmation for the Catholic boys and girls is taken place from 8th to 11th July, in the pastoral centre of Guwahti diocese that is organized by the north east mission of the oblates of St. Joseph in India.  As part of our missionary activity we oblate fathers in collaboration with the arch diocese of Guwahti,  organised a catechetical program for the Catholic students of the Guwahti diocese who are still unaware in basic Catholic teachings and practices. This program is conducted to deepen their knowledge in sacraments and basic Catholic teachings. With great enthusiasm they all turned up and travelled from far away interior places that is almost 180 kilometers away from our pastoral centre. There were more than 200 participants for the program, and the center was fully packed. It is indeed God’s blessing and efforts of our oblate  fathers to have such a big number of participants for the program. It is remarkable the great effort of our fathers Nimosh osj, the director of pastoral centre, Bidhin osj, Joby osj, Edwin osj, Sijo Osj, Rony osj and Vipin osj.

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